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Comfort is becoming more educated in all things cannabis. Comfort is our knowledge of the products on the market. Comfort is inclusion and acceptance – creating an experience unlike any other to support this monumental shift in cannabis policy to help break down barriers and stigmas.


What is CBD? Can it get you High?

Cannabis plants contain active chemicals called cannabinoids. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which is found within the seeds, stalks, and flowers of the cannabis plant and is extracted in the form of an oil.

Before we get started, no CBD cannot get you high, as it contains less than 0.3% THC. But, there are lots of benefits of CBD including pain relief, neurological condition treatment and relief, anxiety reduction and many more.

So… what does get you high?

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) like CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant but has psychoactive effects. THC is known to create a high that is euphoric or associated with paranoia, depending on the user and strain. THC is used for recreational purposes to get high.

THC has similar health benefits as CBD oil including pain relief, neurological condition treatment and relief and nausea relief. However, one medical benefit of THC is its use in psychotherapy.


Do CBD and THC have side effects?

There are currently no confirmed side effects of CBD oil.

THC has been known to have a variety of side effects including increased susceptibility to psychosis, increased heart rate, coordination problems, dry mouth, red eyes, slower reaction times and memory loss.

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The Strain – Sativa, Indica and Hybrid

Sativa is a thin cannabis plant that offers a creative uplifting buzz, often described as euphoric, mood-lifting and energetic. This type of cannabis is often used for depression, fatigue or as an aid for creativity.

Indica plants are hardy, bushy cannabis plants, which offer a physically sedative feeling. This type of cannabis is normally used for pain relief, insomnia, muscle relaxation and to feel more at ease.


So, which plant would I purchase if I want to get high?

Both plants contain THC, however, Indica plants tend to have higher CBD and THC levels.


What about hybrids?

Hybrid strains are crossbreeds between indica and sativa plants. The effects of hybrid strains are feelings of happiness, euphoric, uplifting, or relaxing feelings, however, this depends on the strain consumed.


How do you choose a strain?

It is important to choose a strain that is right for you. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind before choosing a strain.

• It is important to pick a strain that will satisfy the mood or effect you are looking to obtain.
• Do not indicate your preference for an indica or sativa plants as they all do not have the properties listed above. (For instance, you could get a sativa strain that does not cause a euphoric high).
• Always be aware of your tolerance to strain potencies, as you may end up with a THC powerhouse.
• Keep track of your likes and dislikes in terms of strains.
• Always consult a healthcare provider, especially if you have existing health conditions or are currently taking medication.
• If you have questions ask us, we are here to help!

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One of the most important part of cannabis consumption – the smells and flavors!

Terpenes are the smells and flavors of the plants and are used to determine how a strain will affect you. There are common terpene profiles found within cannabis.


Here is a list of the common terpene profiles

Caryophyllene: Looking for a kick? This is it! With a hint of black pepper and a spicy kick, this will have you receiving a gush of spicy in every bit.

Myrcene:Are you a smoker? This is the flavor profile for you! This terpene offers a distinct musky aroma that attracts smokers. It is commonly found among Indica dominant plans and allows your body to feel relaxed.

Linalool:This terpene is commonly found in many strains and is also mixed with myrcene to produce a pungent floral aroma. It is also commonly found in cinnamon, lavender and mint. This terpene can fully relax and sedate the consumer’s body. It is worth a try, especially if you need help sleeping!

Pinene:Do you love Christmas because of the smell? We got the profile for you! When cannabis strains have a pine scent, this terpene is at play. It is one of the most naturally occurring terpenes. It has the benefits of acting as a bronchodilator, while also having anti-inflammatory properties.

Limonene: A citrus scent with a bitter after-taste, it is a terpene commonly found in citrus fruits. Similar to the benefits of citrus fruits, it assists the skin and mucous membranes with absorption; it also assists with dealing with depression and can reduce gastric reflux and heartburn.

Humulene: This terpene is common in “hoppy” beer and adds a “hoppy” accent to cannabis as well. This terpene helps suppress appetite and has ant-inflammatory properties. If you like hoppy beer, this one is for you!

Ocimene: This terpene is common among perfumes as it provides a sweet and herbaceous flavor, while also exhibiting hints of woody, citrusy and flowery scents. It is like nature with every bit!

Terpinolene: A fresh scent that can also be commonly found in soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products. This terpene has the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and provide sedation. This flavor profile will assist with relaxation – give it a try!

Geraniol: A terpene used in many body and bath products has antioxidant, anti-tumor and anti-viral properties to it. It provides the smell of geraniums, which is produced by honeybees as a way of marking their territory. As with many other terpenes, it has a floral scent. A powerhouse of antis- it will have you feeling better in no time!

These terpenes essentially help with making cannabis more appealing to the consumers for their health benefits and flavor profiles. Which one would you like to try?

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Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flowers grow from female cannabis plants. The flowers are high in cannabinoids (THC and CBD), which once matured can be harvested and dried. Cannabis flowers are the smokable sections of the cannabis plants.


How to tell the difference?

Female plants in the pre-growth stage tend to be long and narrow, sometimes with a fat bottom. They also have pistils, which are wispy white hairs that stick out from the top. You want to ensure to have female plants as these produce the buds you need to get high.


Growing on your own?

Tips for flowering stage:
• Only cut the leaves and branches off the plant that are dead.
• Keep the humidity in your growth area around 45%.
• Use a carbon-filtered airflow system – this will help with the growth and will minimize that marijuana smell.
• Avoid nutrient burn – do not overfeed your plants. You can tell if the plant is being overfed as the tips of the leaves will seemed burned.
• Support heavy buds to maintain light exposure – hold your buds up!
• Trim excess foliation – ensure you have enough leaves to support the growth of the plant but trim the rest to ensure proper bud growth.
• Avoid too much light.

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Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis extracts are cannabinoids that have been extracted from cannabis flowers. Below are the most common cannabis extracts.

• Rosin: An extract that involves pressing buds or leftover trim between two heated plates. Once the sap is cooled from the process it becomes a thick sap known as Rosin. This extract involves no chemicals. Rosin is commonly used for dabbing.

• Shatter: An extract that comes from flowers using solvents such as propane or butane. Shatter is amber in color and resembles toffee, so when it is cold it shatters, hence the name. It is used for dabbing.

• Hash: The most known cannabis extract- Hashish, which is made from the resins of the cannabis plant. Hash comes as a brown block of various shades, with lighter brown being the cleaner hash. Hash is usually consumed through a bong, joint or tobacco.

• Crumble: A very potent extract as it contains 90% THC. It is yellow in color and resembles a honeycomb. Crumble is usually added to bud or tobacco in a joint as it does not burn. It can also be consumed in edibles, by dabbing or vaped.

• Budder: A cannabis wax with a similar texture to butter. It is made by pushing solvents through the buds. Budder is usually consumed by dabbing, mixing it with a joint of herb or vaped. Similar to crumble, budder has a potency of 90% THC.

• Crystalline: This extract is used for medicinal purposes mostly. It is one of the purest forms of cannabis extract and there are no terpenes in it, so it is flavorless. Crystalline is usually white, amber, or yellow crystal depending on the extraction methods. It is mostly consumed through smoking or vaping.

• Kief: This is one of the most common extracts. Kief is collected in a three-tiered grinder. For the best grinders, look for one with a filter between 150 and 270 lines per inch. Kief is smoked, it can be added to a joint or through a bong.

• Distillate: This is a pure, clean extract which can be used in different ways including by dabbing and in edibles. Distillate is created when solvents are used to dissolve the cannabinoids, which are then heated to produce THC and CBD.

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Ways To Consume Cannabis


• Most common way to smoke weed.
• Requires cannabis, rolling papers and filters.

• Provides a smooth, even burn

How to roll a joint:
• Break down the bud;
• Prepare the filter;
• Put the grinded cannabis on paper;
• Tuck;
• Roll and lick the paper closed;
• Twist and light up.


• Small hand pips similar to tobacco pipes.

• Allows the user to consume a smaller dose of cannabis without using a paper filter

How to smoke using a bowl:
• Hold the bowl in one hand, have a lighter in the other;
• Cover the small hole in the glad bowl with your thumb;
• Apply the flame to the top if the cannabis;
• Inhale steadily and slowly.


• A cross between a water pipe and a traditional pipe.

• Using the water still provides the smooth, clean inhalation of cannabis
• A great travel option and allow for smaller doses

How to use a bubbler:
• The same steps apply to using a bong.


• Vapes are essentially to vaping as they heat up the cannabis without combustion.

• Convenient.
• Lowered health risks.
• Decreased smell.

How to vape Cannabis flowers:
• Grind up the cannabis ( medium to fine grind);
• Place the cannabis into the vape’s herb chamber using a weed scooper;
• Pack the cannabis in using your hand while ensuring the surface is flat;
• Turn on the device, select your temperature and inhale.

How to Vape Cannabis Concentrates:
• Add a small amount of concentrate into the Vape[Ensure you have a Vape specialized for concentrates].
o Opposite to the side that screws onto the battery, the heating chamber will have a section for the concentrate. You usually see one or two heating coils or a ceramic plate on the bottom. Concentrate should be placed directly on the heating element. Be careful not to overfill the chamber. It is recommended that you use a dab tool to fill the chamber.
• Once the chamber has been loaded, screw the mouthpiece section onto the side of the heating chamber.
• Press the button located on the battery – this will heat up the concentrate.
• Inhale and get high!

How to Vape Cannabis Flowers and Concentrates:
• Purchase a dry herb pen that also accepts concentrates.
• Place the concentrates basket into the heating chamber ( you may need to purchase one if you do not have it).
• NEVER put concentrates into the heating chamber without the basket unless you have a vape made for concentrates.
• Load the concentrate into the vape; if you are using wax ensure you use a Dabbing tool to transfer the cannabis into the chamber.
• Do not fill it more than 3/4s of the way as it can cause clogging problems.
• Turn on the device, inhale and vape!


• Bongs are a water pipe used with cannabis flowers like kief and hash.

• Bongs allows the water to cool the smoke before hitting your lungs, which makes it smoother to inhale.
• The water also acts like a filter which removes some of the carcinogens.
• A fast and intense high.

How to use a bong:
• Pour water into the mouthpiece until the water is above the base of the stem but below the bowl;
• Take a small amount of cannabis, grind it to break up the large chunks and fill up the bowl;
• Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece, ensuring there is a tight seal;
• Hold a flame over the bowl, ensure to hold a steady and slow inhale;
• When the chamber fills with smoke, pull out the bowl or remove your finger from the carb and inhale forcefully;
• Exhale if you want and enjoy!


• Concentrated forms of cannabis – wax, shatter, budder, Rosin, kief.
• Dab rigs are required as a form of equipment.
• Dabbing involves taking a small amount of a concentrate and placing it in the rig; then it will be heated to release the ingredients while the consumer inhales the smoke.
• Consumers received a clean, high dose of the pure produce which is easier on your lungs. This only occurs when you dab correctly.

How to Dab:
• Turn on your torch and aim the flame direct at the nail.
• If nail is hot, turn off the torch;
• Apply the dab directly onto the nail with the dabber and inhale slowly. Ensure to rotate the dabber tip on the nail to prevent wasting the oil;
• Cover the dab with a carb cap and finishing inhaling;
• Finish with an exhale and enjoy the high!

Pills or Capsules

• Often known as cannacaps, THC capsules are the most common method of ingesting cannabis.
• This method of consumption ensures the correct dosages are provided and is used to treat multiple health disorders/illnesses.
• Predictable dosage.
• No smell, no smoke.
• Discreet.
• Used to treat medical conditions.
• THC has a longer effect duration.

How to consume:
• Pop it, swallow and go!


• Food items that contain cannabis.
• Common examples are gummies and brownies.

• Provide an intense high that lasts longer but can take 2 hours before it hits.
• Used for pain relief.

How to make edibles:
• Add a bit of activate cannabis into the food item of choice;
• Enjoy.


• Drinks infused with cannabis.
• Many different types of drinks are now sold with cannabis including, coffee, tea, soda,and lemonade.

How to use:
• Drink up!


• Oils, and creams that contain CBD.

• Used to treat medical conditions including anxiety, nausea, sleep problems.
• Can be used for pain relief.

How to use:
• Apply to skin.

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